Building A Legacy for God’s Glory

Simply put, a church building is a tool that we use to minister to the needs of the body of Christ and our community. Just like any other tool, it’s important that we occasionally stop to evaluate it to make sure it’s meeting our current and future needs. As a church, our desire is to not only grow, progress, and give God our first and very best, but we also want to communicate that we care by providing facilities that meet the needs of ALL people.
In 2019, our “Coming Together for the Future Building Team” walked through a methodical and prayerful process to evaluate our facilities, taking into consideration our current needs, as well as future needs. The result of this evaluation is our “Building the Future Together” campaign. Through this campaign, we’re earmarking money to build a new worship center which will include a nursery and office space.
If you would like to give toward the “Building the Future Together” fund, you may do so by designating Building Fund on your gift.